Add dollars when you DE-SHED

One of the best ways that we have found to earn more money and keep our customers happy is by offering de-shedding services using the Furminator. We actually show the Furminator commercial in the lobby of our salon and people watch it thinking that it is THEIR Golden on the television screen (you know they ALL look alike). Now is the time to start as Winter sets in and they are blowing their Summer coats – the hair is everywhere! They also blow their Winter coats in the Spring so shedding is a year round money maker.

Many groomers already offer de-shedding, but they include it as part of the groom. And while our salon also includes de-shedding in the groom, it is only for a few minutes on top-coat. A thorough de-shedding on a Golden can take about 30 to 40 minutes. I am in the business of making money and de-shedding is a great source of revenue.

We even sell the Furminator in the shop, and customers often take them home to try it themselves. But the majority bring them back, unable to effectively perform the job and ask us to do the de-shedding process for them. My Golden groom price is $68 and my Golden de-shedding price is $68, effectively doubling my groom price to $136.

I know some groomers say that the de-shedding process breaks coat, but these are our customers dogs and they are not showing them in the ring. What they want a solution to their horrendous shedding problem at home. Ask if they care that it may break coat and most will say “No! Just Do It.”

And instead of coming in once every three to six months with their shedder, they are back ever four to six weeks and saying, “Please do that de-shedding thing”

I cannot stress how happy the pet owners are when their dog is properly shed out, looking great, and not dropping hair all over their home. And when you present the owner with a trash bag filled with the hair that came off of their pet, they cannot believe it! Even the small dogs can produce an amazing amount of hair that should be shown to the customers.

Another amazing thing is that for the low cost of investing in a Furminator, you can make thousands of extra dollars a year. It may even pay for a bather for you only need a bather to effectively de-shed. They can help generate revenue while training in their position and help you with the back breaking work of bathing and brushing. I have published my de-shed price list for your review and you can CLICK HERE to download your copy.

Order your Furminator when you CLICK HERE and start making money.

You can contact me if you have any questions and I will be happy to help!

P.S. – Works great with cats, too! Reduces shedding and also helps to prevent hairballs!