Closed Sundays & Wednesdays • Open at 8:30 AM

All Breed Dog & Cat Grooming
Hand Scissor & Clipping (when appropriate), Nail Trimming & Buffing, Pads Trimmed, Ears Cleaned & Hair Removed, Anal Glands (when possible), and Bath (premium shampoo, conditioner, and coat dressing).

Walk-in Nail Clip
No appointment necessary. Let an experienced groomer clip your dog’s or cat’s nails while you wait. You can feel confident that your pet will be handled gently by a professionally trained pet groomer.

Dog & Cat Retail Products
Pet chew toys, stuffed playmates, regular retractable leashes, flea removal products, pet shampoos, pet health aids and much more.

The Pet Salon has been dedicated to the health and well being of your pet since 1983. We provide special, gentle care to aging dogs and cats, and those requiring special treatment. You can feel secure knowing that your pet is in a responsible, loving, gentle environment.