Dogs want to know their limitations.

Do you know why dogs struggle and wrestle with us when they are on the grooming table? The top reason is that they struggle and wrestle with their owners and win, so they think it is normal behavior. By using products like the Groomers Helper, dogs learn their limitations on the table and calm down.

But another important part of this process includes the grooming arm and clamp. Nothing beats a sturdy arm and clamp when it comes to teaching dogs their limitations. A solid arm that is firmly held in place with a solid table clamp is a key to success.

Many manufacturers use inferior materials that bend and break easily, or distribute round grooming arms (round stock is cheaper then square stock) that swivel in the clamp. Groomers also have problems with their table clamps as bolts break and bend. Many are frustrated with the equipment they have, but Groomers Helper can help.

We manufacture top of the line products including our stainless steel grooming arm, which is guaranteed never to break or bend. We know it won’t bend because we ship them all over the country and even the shipping companies can’t bend them! Click here for more information.

Groomers Helper table clamps are also the best on the market, with built in spring steel so the arm will not come crashing down on you when you adjust it. The clamps come in two sizes and it is very important to purchase one that fits your grooming table properly. The correct clamp for your table is important. You do not want to put the non-standard clamp on a standard table as the length of the bolts will offer leverage that will eventually cause them to bend and void the warranty. Call us if you have questions on the size of clamp you will need.

And you can save when you purchase an arm, clamp and Groomers Helper Starter Set, the best system for safely positioning a dog on the grooming table. Most groomers have never experienced how easy it is to groom using Groomers Helper products and think that struggling and wrestling with a dog is normal. That’s just not true as anyone who has tried our system will testify.  Click here to see this and other specials.

According to Darren Hayward, “Just a quick note to say that after purchasing the Groomers Helper my work has become less stressful. This truly is a groomer’s dream!” And this is just one of the many terrific testimonials we receive every day.

So if you are looking for a replacement for a worn out arm and clamp, give us a call. Our equipment is guaranteed not to break or bend, or we will replace it.

Click here to see our complete selection of grooming arms and clamps.