Disturbing Facts

Disturbing Facts

Not long ago, some stunning and disturbing facts were presented to the Save America’s Pets team. We found out that the leading cause of death in pets under 3 years old was euthanasia by owners who had given up on them because of behavior problems. That is a staggering figure, proving that America is a “disposable society.” Imagine destroying a pet because it barks too much, or soils the carpet or will not behave.

The next cause of death in pets is cancer, followed by collars. We knew something had to be done!

Working closely with industry experts including veteranarians, pet groomers, and pet trainers, Save America’s Pets is ready to take up the cause and help save a life! There is so much to be done and we want to help.

Our Mission

  • To significantly reduce the number of preventable pet deaths through intervention, training, animal behavior education and research.
  • To promote the understanding of animal behavior in an effort to enhance the animal-human bond.
  • To support the education of pet owners on the complete caring and understanding of pet ownership.
  • To champion a movement of people helping pets to live a long, happy and healthy lives.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Our organization is just starting, but many of you have already made efforts to Save America’s Pets. We want to use this forum to get ideas, gather information and volunteers, and steer our charity in the right direction! Please leave your comments and questions so that we can move ahead!